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3 Quick Tips: Spotting a Fake Christian Dior Handbag

Christian Dior, as well as all top tier designers, manufacture their handbags with meticulous quality and care. But what many people forget is that the counterfeiters are also trying hard to mirror this near perfection. They spend countless hours studying the authentic handbags to try to get every little detail correct in an attempt to fool the consumer. And sometimes they do. But they have to cut corners somewhere, otherwise what would be the point of counterfeiting something? The idea is to make the same product quicker and cheaper, but sell it as an original. Therefore the fakers spend the most time on the obvious details, but cut corners with some of the secondary details, namely the handbag accessories. This is where they think the buyer is most likely overlook their inferior work.

Dustbags: A great place to look for the aforementioned secondary detail errors is with the dustbag. Christian Dior dustbags are generally white cotton with the lettering on the dustbag being grey. Beware of any dustbag that is a color other than white. The logo on the dutbag should say: "Christian Dior" directly above the word "Paris". Some fakes are circulating that are displaying black lettering, and others fake handbags have been seen with silk dustbags rather than cotton. Black letters, or any color other than the Dior gray is an instant red flag. It should also be an automatic red flag for any handbag that has a non-cotton dustbag.

Authenticity card: Spotting fake Christian Dior handbags can sometimes be accomplished without even seeing the handbag, as demonstrated above with the dustbag inspection. Another non-bag technique is the auth card inspection. Dior authenticity cards will have either black or gold embossed lettering, a textured stamp that will not be easily rubbed off. On the backside of an authentic card is a watermarked pattern. The fine print should be repeated across the back of the card and should say, "Christian Dior". Any cards with colored lettering other than black or gold, or without a watermarked print pattern on the back should raise a red flag.

Good luck and safe shopping!