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Buy Handmade Accessories - 10 Reasons to Buy Handmade!

1. Handmade accessories are often better quality and more durable. Each handmade product is meticulously handcrafted and personally inspected. Machine production is driven by quantity, and quality is often compromised as a result.

2. Time, care and creative energy is put into the making of handmade items, and each item is alive with the spirit of the individual who makes them.

3. Buying handmade accessories made by actual human beings supports and strengthens local communities, keeping corporate giants from putting small, local shops out of business.

4. Handmade accessories are often one-of-kind, unique designs inspired by the artists and craftsmen who make them, making each individual product a work of art.

5. Handmade items are more sustainable, making them better for the environment. They are often made using local materials rather than those imported from across the world; handmade products consume less energy to produce than machine-made products; and handmade products are often more durable so they hold up longer, resulting in less waste.

6. Handmade accessories preserve local arts and handicrafts, many of which have been passed down from generations to generations. Women in Thailand and Laos have been weaving silk scarves and shawls for thousands of years, passing down their skills from mother to daughter for centuries. Each handmade product tells a story of the land, people and cultural traditions.

7. Buying handmade connects us to a simpler time when life was a bit slower-paced. People took pride in their creations because each product was a reflection of their time, energy and workmanship.

8. When something is handmade, no two items are exactly the same. Even two silk scarves or shawls, woven with the same silk thread by the same weaver, will vary somewhat. This grants the wearer with a unique sense of style and individuality, which is difficult to find in a typical department store.

9. Handmade products are reminiscent of that warm, familiar feeling when someone prepares something especially for you with love and caring; like grandmother making her famous homemade gingerbread cookies or knitting you a handmade silk scarf, silk shawl or wool sweater.

10. Like radiant silk scarves, reflecting magnificent shades of color in the light, handmade accessories honor peoples' individual differences, unique cultures and local traditions; they keep our planet alive with contrast and diversity, reminding us that we all have beautiful talents and gifts to share.