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Development of Silk Material in Vietnamese Garments

For a long time, silk material has been a popular garment material in Vietnam. People have used silk to design costumes for members of the royal family. Nowadays, silk is widely used for lots of fashion products.

Silk has good characteristics that make it a favorable material. Silk is said to be the most luxurious, comfortable fabric. It is the most absorbent of fabrics (equal to wool). In addition, it is also the best fabric for drape and color. Silk is capable of the greatest luster and is the strongest natural fabric. Silk clothes are cool in summer and warm in winter. Therefore, it is greatly desired and favored by customers. Seventy percent of the silk clothes in the Vietnamese market are made locally.

Silk material can be used for different garments such as dresses, designer silk shawls, scarves, embroidered blankets, jackets and embroidered silk suits. This material is also used to produce shirts and pants. Silk bags are also plentiful in Vietnam's garment markets today. Moreover, long dresses made by silk are the most well-known Vietnamese girls' image. Silk clothes make the wearer beautiful and feel like the special person that they are. Also, silk combined with embroidered artwork makes people more attractive and confident.

Ha Dong silk or Van Phuc silk are famous brand names in Vietnam and in foreign countries. The Van Phuc silk village lies to the south-west of Hanoi in the Red River Delta. The art of silk weaving is said to have begun as long as 2,000 years ago.

The weavers of Ha Dong used to supply their precious cloth to various dynasties. Under the Nguyen Dynasty, Ha Tay's silk villages were required to 'respectfully offer' a yearly quota of top quality silk to the court in Hue. Weavers worked for three to eight months to produce a single royal cloth, receiving no payment besides an exemption from some labor and, if the cloth was accepted, a silver or gold medal.

Today, residents of traditional silk villages like La Ca, Trieu Khuc and Van Phuc are still producing silk, although both the techniques and the quality of their wares have changed. Van Phuc silk is exported mainly to Eastern European countries. Foreign customers really love Vietnamese silk products such as blankets, long dresses, bags, scarves, etc.

Wearers of silk need to follow these tips in order to maintain the natural beauty of their garments. The first step is to wash by machine in cool water in a machine that is clean (free from soap and grease that could spot your clothes). You should use your washing machine's delicate cycle with garments unbuttoned and only use mild detergents. You should never bleach or use bleaching agents and should wash dark colors separately. Another method is washing by hand in cool water. In this case, you should also only use a small amount of mild detergent and never bleach or use bleaching agents. After that, rinse very well in cold water. To retain the silks natural luster avoid soaking garments for more than 3 - 5 minutes.

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