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How to Buy Graduation Caps & Gowns

Graduation ceremony is considered as an important milestone in one's life. This day is worth a recall because this is the day of accomplishments. As a result, everyone keeps their memories fresh by photographing themselves. No graduation ceremony or graduation photograph is complete without academic regalia. Hence, the students are keen on buying one right before this grand event.

It is always advisable to compare the prices of caps and gowns for graduation in more than two stores, be it the store in your city or an online store. There are more chances of you getting lower prices in one of the stores you enquired. Besides, some of the stores are famous for their discounted prices. So, the first step in buying the academic robes would be searching the right store.

Along with the prices, you should also check the quality of the material that you going to buy for your robe. Compare different materials available with the merchant. With this information you can choose the material that is good in quality and also fits in your budget.

Once you have selected the material for your academic robe, you can give your measurements to the tailor. The measurements of the gown should be such that the robe will be comfortable, yet not overly sized. A loosely fitting gown will make you look messy and unintelligent. Hence, be careful while giving measurements.

You can buy the graduation robe from a well-known store or from an online store. There are several stores which sell graduation regalia at reasonable prices. Online stores are more convenient to buy academic robes from than a store in the city. Online stores generally offer various options to their customers. Moreover, you can buy the graduation cap & gown at very cheap prices from these online stores. This way, you can do a lot of cost saving on academic robe. If you are planning to buy the academic regalia, following steps will help you in ordering the prefect graduation dress for the convocation.

An academic dress is not only a gown. It also consists of a hood. The hood is considered as an indivisible part of the graduation caps & gowns . In general, there are specific types of hoods intended for certain disciplines or degrees. For example, Ph.D. degree holders can wear velvet hood of dark royal blue colour. On the other hand, doctors not having Ph.D. degree can wear any coloured velvet hood. Apart from this, some schools, colleges and universities set their own colour for graduation robe, so the colour for the hood too varies accordingly.

Graduation cap is another extremely important component of the graduation regalia. Caps or even called as tams represent the field you belong to and the degree you have achieved. Several accessories complete the academic robe. These accessories include tassels, cords and stoles. All of these accessories should be chosen as per the requirement, as not all colleges or university require certain accessories like stole or cords. The colour should be chosen on the basis of colleges' colour code or degree.