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Life Coaches: 3 Expectations To Set With Clients

As a professional life coach it's imperative to set client expectations in advance of commencing a coaching relationship. What clients expect, they get.

Here are the 3 expectations to set with clients (before embarking on a coaching relationship):

What you expect of your clients as a professional life coach

What clients can expect from you as their life coach

And what clients can expect from the programs you offer as a life coach

To share an example from my own life coaching practice, I coached a one year Spiritual Life Coaching program in which I shared with clients who enrolled--up front--what they could expect from the program.

Here's what I gave them, feel free to modify and use in your own life coaching practice:

What to expect from this program:

You will be challenged and expected to live your greatness and your magnificence fully.

You will discover how to consciously create a life you love. We will focus on becoming manifestation masters.

You will be challenged on your 'stuff' (limiting and non-rational beliefs, paradigms and perceptions, negative patterns of emotion, fearful thoughts and anything else that holds you back).

You will be held accountable to do what you say you will do when you say you will do it. You will be expected to honor your commitments or re-negotiate them ahead of time.

You will be encouraged and expected to share your experiences in the first person ("I" not "you", which is a demonstration of ownership.)

You will be expected to share and talk about yourself. We don't talk about others, since they are not here. However, we will explore together how your interactions with others make you feel, think, act, behave.

You will be expected and encouraged to speak your truth, authentically and powerfully.

Clearly stating expectations -- up front, BEFORE you begin coaching your clients -- creates clarity in the coaching relationship and gives you and your clients a solid foundation built on trust.

Setting expectations is an excellent habit for you to develop as a life coach. When people around you know what to expect from you, it's probably because you've made it clear what you stand for and on. When you're clear about yourself, your values and your vision, it's easier to set expectations for the clients who come to you for support.

The habits and behaviors you develop in your life are the very stuff that your coaching relationships will be made of. Practice what you preach and always have as an intention to walk your talk.

Set great expectations for your life coaching clients. Expect big things from them, and from yourself, and watch your coach/client relationships thrive!