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The Baby Phat Winter Coat

With winter full into the effect most of you have picked out their winter coats, boots and mitten sets, but for those that are still figuring out what winter jacket to pick out this year why not try something a bit different and try something stylish.

The creator of Baby Phat Kimora Lee has a line of fantastic and stylish clothing line to bring the inner teenage hood in all of us, well females to be exact. From jeans to accessories, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Mostly you will find the young teens wearing the short winter jackets, but you may not have known that there is also a line of long jackets. These jackets are great for those that do not want their behinds to freeze while waiting in the cold for the bus.

Different styles of fur, wool, goose feathers and even leather will give you plenty to choose from. The quality for these winter jackets is pretty much explained in their prices, but do not be discouraged, the quality is worth the price. If you want to feel young, stylish and downright sexy buy yourself a Baby Phat winter jacket this year, without burning a hole in your pockets.

To find your Baby Phat clothing line you can go to their site, scrolling to the bottom you will find a store locator link. For those that love the mall and love to shop, you will find the Baby Phat line at any major shopping mall in your area.