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The Wolf Changed My Life

The event was a long time expected one and I had hurriedly bought the best Christian Louboutin shoes online. Okay, not the original ones as I couldn't afford them, they were the Christian Louboutin replica shoes, but who would know any way. I was all ready to go and enjoy myself at the event and especially the way I looked; I wanted to certainly flaunt my new outfit and shoes.

That is when I saw a group of men over at the corner and recognized my long lost pal from the university. I went over to meet him and he introduced me to the men in the group. One man really caught my eye as he was good-looking but in a very different way. He was dressed really dapper in a chic suit and had that amazingly casual air about him that could have made any girls legs go weak at the knees. And the crinkling of eyes at the corners every time that he laughed and those long tapering well manicured fingers around the glass that he held had me quite impressed. We got talking and discovered that we had a lot in common.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave the event and he offered to walk me to the gate. At the gate he asked if I would like him to give me a ride as he had brought his car along. I didn't call the cab that I had initially booked to take me home and got into the car. He stopped the car by the pier and we continued talking. And, then I certainly don't know what got over me, was it the wine at the event, the wonderful shoes and dress that I had on, the ambience and the surrounding at the pier with the twinkling lights and the full moon over our head or just the culmination of all of these things but our lips met and it was like magic.

This was certainly new to me, meeting someone and then falling into his arms right away. The next few things I just don't remember. How I reached home, how come the wolf invited himself over and the next thing I realized was that I had gotten myself into something that I might not be ready for and regret later on?

The next morning with the sun streaming in, I saw a note that said it was great and the wolf had disappeared. I was certainly furious at the note and the way I had been treated. Thank heavens the wolf was not in front of me!